The Opening Ceremony for the Freshmen of 2018

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On September 12th, the Opening Ceremonies for the freshmen of 2018 were held respectively in the stadiums of Jiashan Guangbiao Campus and School of Hudong Polytechnicswhich signified that More than 4,000 freshmen officially started their college life. 

The ceremony unfolded with the National Athem and the National Flag Raising Ceremony. The president, vice presidents and deans of 10 schools of Sanda, representatives of faculty and staff took part in the event together with the 4,000 freshmen of 2018. Professor Wang Fuming presided over the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the deans of 10 schools offered their suggestions to the new students. “Always keep in mind self-discipline, thinking and tolerance.” “Be ambitious, responsible and grateful.” “Grow like a fir tree, tall and straight.” ( “Sanda” stands for “fir trees” in Chinese) In addition, President Li Jin put forward three propositions to the 2018 freshmen, namely, self-improvement, career plan development and character enhancement. He said, “Sanda is a higher institution that offers international perspectives. The school is private, but it is managed in a non-profit mode. It is a university that produces talents with practical skills and international perspectives. Every student will be able to learn how to learn, how to apply what they learn, how to be team players and how to improve themselves.”

Professor Zhu Shaozhong, Chairman of Board, encouraged the freshmen to stick to their dreams, insist on integrity and diligence and strive for their missions.

The freshmen also expressed their own expectations and confidence on this special occasion. Representatives from ten schools voiced their wishes and dreams. Ni Chunyi, president of Students’ Union, said that all the 2018 freshmen would be the stars again in four years at the commencement of Sanda. 

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