Students from School of Hudong Polytechnics Won First Prize in Intelligent Manufacturing Contest of China

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313 teams from 141 higher institutions of China took part in the final round of Intelligent Manufacturing Contest of China last month. The team from School of Hudong Polytechnics won the first prize in the contest item of Process Design and Development.


The contest consists of three fields, namely product development, planning, and manufacturing process. Process design and development is one of the eight competition items.


This is the first time for Sanda students to take part in the contest. Since April, students from School of Hudong Polytechnics have been preparing for the event, and three students were selected after various rounds of elimination inside the school.


The three contestants practiced in hardware, software, programming, design, live debugging and software application. As a result, they performed excellently in the final round and won the first prize. 

The contest is the most influential national contest in its field, and it has been successfully held for 12 years consecutively.


The sponsors are Teaching Guiding Committee for Automation Majors under the Ministry of Education of China, Siemens China and China Simulation Federation. 

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