Celebration of the 34th Teacher’s Day

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On September 10th, the faculty and staff of Sanda gathered in the school auditorium to celebrate the 34th Teacher’s Day of China. Awards are presented and new teachers participated in the swearing-in ceremony. President Li Jin presided over the meeting. 

Professor Zhu Shaozhong, Chairman of Board, delivered a speech to the audience. He said that Sanda offered Chuwen Award to promote excellence in teaching and the school adopted new policies to guide teaching at Sanda. Teachers are the foundation of our school’s success, and Sanda will strive to attract and retain high-quality faculty and staff. 

At the meeting, three research teams were presented with awards from the Education Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government for their achievement in research. They are the team from the Finance Department, School of Business, the team from the E-Business Department, School of Information Science and Technology, and the team from the Nursing Department, School of International Medical Technology.

After the new teachers’ swearing-in ceremony, Professor Chen Ying and Professor Zhang Yiwei shared with the audiences their experiences in teaching and research in the past year. 

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