Generation Z Came with Their Ambitions and Dreams

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On September 8th and 9th, Sanda welcomed more than 4,000 freshmen from all over the country. The majority of the new group are members of Generation Z, who possess abundant energy and youthfulness. They are trying to be independent. They are ambitious, curious and a little bit anxious. 

Double Ties


Among the 4,000 freshmen, there are four special students. 


Wu Yi and Wu Wei are twin sisters. Wu Yi is now an English major, while Wu Wei has chosen Finance (CFA). The twin sisters applied to be volunteers of Sanda even before they enrolled on September 8th. Their presence was such a lovely scene among the crowds. 

Wong Yili graduated from Sanda with a degree in International trade in 2017. This September, her cousin, who is five years her junior, became a student of the same major. Wong was amazed by the changes of Sanda in the past two years when she accompanied her cousin to register on September 8th.


The Road to Success


Professor Li Jin, President of Sanda, said to the freshmen, “College life begins with making your own bed. I hope you will all be independent in the coming four years. “ 

When freshmen came, they were usually accompanied by parents. However, quite a few brave students came all the way to Shanghai alone. Wang Ziqi was one of them. Her hometown is Guangzhou, a city in the south of China. The young lady took with her only the letter of admission and some specialties from home, and she liked the new dorm room very much.


Parents were reluctant to leave, but they know the children will be able to start the new life independently and they have confidence in the children’s ability to learn and to grow here at Sanda. 

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