Shanghai Sanda University Signed an Agreement with Borderless Aero-Development Corporation to Establish School of Aeronautics

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On the Morning of July 6, Shanghai Sanda University held a signing ceremony with Jiangsu Borderless Aero-Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Borderless Aero-Development) on running school. At the ceremony, both Li Jin, president of our university, and Huang Feijian, chairman of Borderless Aero-Development, signed the agreement of running the school cooperatively. The two sides agreed to found Borderless School of Aeronautics of Shanghai Sanda University (affiliated to the Sanda University, hereinafter referred to as School of Aeronautics) in the form of cooperation in running schools in order to further meet the needs of the development of China's aviation industry for talent cultivation. Zhu Shaozhong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Zengtai, Vice President, and Jiang Chenglin, Dean of Borderless Flight Academy attended the signing ceremony.

Li Jin delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. He emphasized that our university attaches great importance to this cooperation, which is not only an important attempt in the field of aviation, but also an important exploration of serving social and economic development. Li Jin expressed his confidence in the prospects of between our two sides. He said that the goal of cooperation between the two sides was to cultivate more useful talents in the aviation field for the society. And we must do the overall planning well and give full play to advantages of both sides.

Huang Feijian believed that the two sides shared a common educational idea, which is a solid foundation for cooperation. He said that this cooperation was also a major event on the development of innovation in the education model of “academic degree plus skills in Zhenjiang Aviation Education Town. He stressed that we would make joint efforts to make our School of Aeronautics successfully set a good example for aviation education under the trend of integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities supported by the government.

It is reported that in accordance with the cooperation agreement between the two parties, the Aviation Academy Management Committee was established in order to strengthen the comprehensive coordination and standardized management of the aviation academy. After the signing ceremony, the first meeting of the Aviation Academy Management Committee was held. At the meeting, the two sides discussed issues such as talent cultivation, the construction of professional laboratory, and seminars. The two sides also conducted full and productive discussions and reached a consensus on overall plan and implementation steps of specialty construction.

Those who attended the signing ceremony were:

Wu Jianguo, Dean of the School of Continuing Education.

Lu Xiuping, Director of the Party and Government Office, Yu Gang, Deputy Director of the Party and Government Office.

Qi Yongchang, Director of the Human Resources Management.

Wang Wei, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office.

Professor Zhu Jinfu, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Yong Wei, Director of the Department of Civil aviation engineering, Nanjing Hang Jincheng College,

Yin Juan, Teaching Director of Borderless Aero-Development Corporation

Su Yang, Project Manager…

Translated by Liu Tianming

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