School of International Education held Chinese Summer Camp to help foreign students understand Chinese culture

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During the summer vacation, the Spanish/Japanese class and the Russian class of Sanda Chinese Summer Camp successively started and finished their class in the International Culture Experience and Communication Center of our university. Six middle and high school students from Spain, four college students from Minami Kyushu University in Japan, and 22 students from the department of Chinese language and literature of the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia respectively form two classes to complete the Chinese language, Chinese culture study, and the urban life experience of Shanghai in our university for nearly a month. Li Li and Zhang Lefeng, deputy director of the International Exchange Department; Fan Jianhua, deputy dean of International Education Institute and relevant teachers attended the opening and closing ceremony.

In the summer camp, the school arranged classes for foreign students such as Chinese grammar, Chinese culture, Shanghai regional culture, and Shanghai dialect etc. Through the Chinese course, foreign students practiced their Chinese listening and speaking ability. Through the Shanghai culture and Shanghai dialect course, foreign students learned about the language culture of China and Shanghai. In Chinese culture classes, foreign students appreciated and took part in Chinese traditional cultural activities such as calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, and face painting. In students’ spare time, teachers from School of International Education also took them on the subway to visit scenic spots and cultural landmarks in Shanghai.

Before the completion of the course, the teacher gave a final test on the Chinese language learning and Shanghai dialect to students of the Summer Camp class. All the students passed the test and the university issued the certificate of completion to each student. At the closing ceremony, a video which recorded the path of students’ learning activities during the Summer Camp was played. Students sang Chinese songs collectively, students' representatives read Chinese poems and performed Shanghai dialect nursery rhymes in Shanghai etc.

Fan Jianhua, deputy dean of School of International Education said that the Chinese Summer Camp is designed to help foreign students learn about Chinese language and culture, while leaving students with a deep impression of Shanghai and Sanda University. He said that many students in the class were starting from the scratch in Chinese, but they expressed in their own language, hoping that through the study of Chinese classes, they can express their enthusiasm for Chinese culture in Chinese. Fan Jianhua said that he hopes to contribute to the international promotion of Chinese language through the form of summer camp and contribute to building the international atmosphere of the university.

It is reported that the Russian Far East Federal National University is a high-quality university in the Russian far east region, which enjoys a high reputation in eastern Russia. Last year, You Li, the head of the university’s Chinese department, led nine students to Sanda University to join the Chinese Summer Camp.

Translated by Mao Yanjie

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