Russian Far Eastern Federal University Class of Sanda University 2018 Chinese Language Summer Camp Concludes

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     The closing ceremony for Russian Far Eastern Federal University Class of Sanda University 2018 Chinese Language Summer Camp was held at Sanda International Cultural Experience Center on August 8th, 2018. Twenty two freshman and sophomore students from Russian Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Ms. Li Li from Sand Office of International Cooperation, Mr. Jianhua Fan from School of International Education and Mr. Hongjian Zhao from Shanghai Mandarin Morning Chinese Language School, a partner of Sanda University, participated in the ceremony.

     FEFU is the best university in the Far Eastern Region of Russia and enjoys tremendously high reputation for being rated between 500th and 700th in the world ranking for the best institutions of higher learning.Ms. Yuliya, Director of Department of Chinese Language of FEFU led a group of nine students to participate in Sanda Chinese language summer camp organized by Sanda School of International Education last year. She again led a group of twenty two students on July 19th this year to come to Sanda campus to start the 3-week long Chinese language summer camp life.Ms. Yuliya happily commented on the convenience that she enjoyed of her subway ride bringing her directly to the front date of Sanda University this year.

     Ms. Yuliya and her students took Chinese language classes every day in the morning to strengthen their Chinese listening and speaking abilities as well as grammar. In addition, they also learnt about Shanghai local culture and dialect in order to deeply understand the Chinese language and Shanghainese culture of dialect.They devoted their entire afternoon time for learning Chinese culture, appreciating and participating in hands-on experience of Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, paper cutting and China opera facial masks display.They were also guided by a chaperon teacher to tour Shanghai city and its cultural landmarks by subway after class. Incidentally, August 1 coincided with the student Марьяна's birthday, and therefore, the representatives from both Sanda Chinese Language Summer Camp and FEFU made necessary arrangement for her birthday celebration. Miss Марьяна, especially dressing up in a bright red one-piece dress, looked extremely pretty and very happy, joining everyone at the party in singing the Happy Birthday song.

Prior to the closing ceremony, the class teachers conducted a final test on the students’ Chinese language and Shanghai dialect learning, and all the students passed the qualification requirement.

At the closing ceremony, the Russian students watched the video on their entire life and studies during the Chinese language summer camp, reviewing together the unforgettable 20 days and nights. Then, all the students sang Chinese songsthe selected representatives recited Chinese poems as well as nursery rhymes in Shanghai dialect.Subsequently, the Sanda University designated leader issued a certificate of completion to each student. After the issuance of the certificate, teachers and tutors made emotional speeches.The responsible leaders from Sanda Office of International Cooperation, School of International Education and Shanghai Mandarin Morning Chinese Language School also made concluding remarks, congratulating the students on their good achievements and expressing their hope that the Russian students would take a liking to the Chinese language and culture, and come to China again for further studies. They also assured the students that the door of Sanda University would always be open to them.In an atmosphere of attachment, the teachers and students went outdoors together to take pictures with their classroom buildings as the background. Many students also volunteered to take pictures with their teachers and hugged them goodbye.

At 10: 00 p.m. on August 9th, 2018, the head of Sanda School of International Education and the class teachers came to the campus to see off the Russian students who would fly back to their home country early in the morning of August 10th.The Previous summer camp classes for Spanish and Japanese students already completed and all the students returned home.So far, the Sanda University 2018 Chinese Language Summer Camp has been successfully concluded.

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