Japanese and Chinese University President Delegations Visit Sanda University

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Author:Lefeng Zhang, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping He

Sanda University welcomed a number of Japanese and Chinese delegations of university presidents to visit our campus on June 4th, 2018, who had come to Shanghai to participate in The Second Sino-Japanese Private University Presidents Forum.

The 25 distinguished guests from both Japan and China including Tokai University, Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Universities of Foreign Studies, Josai International University, Shurin College of Foreign Languages, Kobe Yamate University, Nagoya University of Economics, Teikyo Heisei University, Lingnan Institute of Technology, Guangdong Xin'an Vocational Technical College, and Huanghe Science & Technology University. The guests expressed their great affirmation and approval of the school’s teaching and learning method of attaching importance to the basic theoretical studies and, at the same time, strengthening practical training. The guests also expressed that this type of teaching and learning method which could satisfy the needs of the society and provide smooth transit from classroom education to practical operation would enable graduating students to adapt in the shortest possible time to a new job environment and be greatly welcomed by employers.

Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sanda University, briefly introduced the operation situation of the university to the guests and answered all the questions raised by them. The Japanese guests, later on, had a friendly meeting at Sanda Cultural Experience Center with Professor Xiaowei Shi, Dean of Department of Japanese Language, Professor Jianguo Tian, Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Jingxia Sun, Deputy Dean, and Professor Mingsheng Fang, Dean of Department of Primary Education of School of International Education. Both sides explored the possibility of actively promoting bilateral student exchange and joint academic research, and reached a consensus. Sanda leaders attending the discussion also expressed their hope that the officials at the Office of International Exchange will closely follow up the work in the future based on the communication between the Sanda schools and the guest institutions to take advantage of this opportunity to create more and better opportunities for students to conduct overseas studies and for faculty members to conduct overseas academic research and professional enhancement.

Professor Xiaowei Shi, Dean of Department of Japanese Language and Professor MasashiTomioka, Vice President of Nagoya University of Economics

Professor Mingsheng Fang, Dean of Department of Primary Education of School of International Education, Professor JunichiWatanabe, Office of International Exchange of Josai International University, and Professor YuanFull-Gee, Dean of School of Media

Deputy Dean Jingxi Sun, Professor Uchida Shunya, Director of Office of International Exchange of Teikyo Heisei University, Professor Yoshikawa Naohito, Vice President of Tokai University

Professor Jianguo Tian, Deputy Dean of Department of Japanese Language and Mr. Xingguang Ling, Consultant of the Science, Technology, and Culture Center in Japan and China

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