"Drug-Free Campus Carnival" in Sanda University

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From Youth League Committee, By Yao Sutong, Copyedited by Cai Jinglin

On June 6, an anti-drug campaign with the theme of Drug-Free Campus Carnival was launched in Sanda University. Deputy Party Secretary Chen Wei of our university attended the event alongside with other two leaders from Shanghai Pudong New District. Chen Wei said in his speech that students are encouraged to get involved in anti-drug activities from which they can get basic ideas about drugs and raise their awareness of fighting drugs as well as keeping away from drugs.

Drug combating project in the three universities in Caolu Town has achieved a very good beginning in the fight against drug crime in recent 6 years with no single student taking drugs. Now, illegal drugs come in different kinds and substances. So, it is very urgent to make students known about social and health risks related with the illegal use of controlled drugs. Otherwise, they are very likely to get misled.

Ms. Jin Zhiying from Pudong New Area Center for Disease Control and Prevention stressed that there is a certain relationship between the use of drugs and HIV/AIDS. She referred to HIV / AIDS prevention and control initiatives as a key issue that university students should have some necessary basic knowledge about it. She popularized the the basic health knowledge of Aids among the students hoping that by educating them on Aids-related risks students could shoulder their responsibility to combat drugs and make every effort to create a drug-free campus. The number of university students who have developed Aids is rising in recent six years. Though Aids is not curable, it is preventable. So, students should be alert to this incurable disease. Regular health check and personal hygiene means a lot for Aids prevention.

This drug-free campus carnival successfully helped students get a basic idea of Aids and raised their awareness of Aids prevention through some specifically planned games on the campus.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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