Students Majoring in International Economics and Trade Won Special Award in National University Business and Trade Elite Challenge Competition

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From Shengxiang School of Business, By Yuan Hongfei/Li Yao/Meng Fanglin, Edited by Zhu Lin

On May 25, four representative teams from Shengxiang School of Business participated in National University Business and Trade Elite Challenge Competition. Led by their tutors Shen Jianjun, Yuan Hongfei and Hantong, they off against about 200 teams across China with one representative team Shanghai Chuqi Tea Co. Ltd. winning the special award and Sanda University awarded the Best Organization Prize.

The national and international discipline competition was jointly organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and China Convention and Exhibition Society(CCES). It was held in the form of cross-border trade fairs and brand merchandise exhibitions, which mainly involved participation in drafting booth plans, booth and poster design, merchandise display, product launches and trade negotiations. The competition language is English and French. This competition offered opportunities for our teams to work with their tutors to explore and tackle some fundamental and practical business operational problems by applying their professional knowledge into the negotiation part.

One contestant from our university said, “ Both our products and company were fictitious, so we were facing unprecedented challenging demanding tasks-create company profile, catalogue and its packaging, pricing and the like. Though we experienced pressures for other teams had their ready-made products, we still remained confident and went through with the competition successfully by our numerous discussion and rehearsals offline. This competition allows us to expand our vision, gain knowledge, apply theory into practice and develop teamwork spirit. Most importantly, we came to know about what shortcomings in ourselves and set our new goal.”

Shengxiang School of Business makes great efforts to help students develop practical abilities, encourage students to take part in various skills competitions, thus offered a platform for students to explore and fulfill their potentials, acquire more professional knowledge and cultivate their teamwork spirit.

Translated by Gu Yanwei  

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