Two entrants from Sanda University awarded 3rd prize at National English Debating Competition

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From School of Foreign Language, By Zeng Mei, Copyedited by Cai Jingling

The 21st ‘FLTRP Cup’ English Debating Competition in 2018 took place from May 17 to May 22. Two entrants representing our university, Zhou Yuting from School of Media and Wang Shuyuan from School of Computer and Technology, faced off other entrants and came in third place in the National Final. Also, their tutors Zeng Mei and Pang Xiaosu were awarded the Excellence Prize as judges for the competition.

This debating competition is conducted in the British Parliamentary Debating Style . Each round of the debate is consisted of the Government and Opposition: Opening Government and Closing Government, Opening Opposition and Closing Opposition. There were altogether 109 debate teams from four regional preliminary competitions (East China, West China, North China, and South China) broke into the national final, among which our university team along with other 8 teams including Fu Dan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai International Studies University earned the qualification for the National Final. During the 8-day competition, after 8 preliminary rounds and 4 elimination rounds entrants from the four regional competition were ranked based on their individual performance and accumulated points.

English debating is very challenging in terms of language skills and especially of critical thinking skills, as the tutors said, for each speaker should fulfill his role in a concise and logic way. More importantly, it is so mentally demanding that participants could not fulfill their roles without powerful mental qualities. So, their first participation in such large-scale national competition not only best promotes their abilities and confidence, but also provides valuable experience in the future tutoring..

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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