Deputy Party Secretary Wang Fuming and Other Leaders Visited Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College

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From Sanda News Service, By Chen Mingxia, Copyedited by Cai Jingling

On May 31, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Sanda University Wang Fuming and other leaders visited Shanghai Normal University Tianhua college (hereinafter referred to Tianhua College) to exchange experience and outcomes in university development, accompanied by other school Party Secretaries Chen Minyun, Xu Xia, Hou Liping, He Qiyun, Pi Fengying, Liu Tingting and Shengyi. Vice Party Secretary Cao Yunlin, Xu Yue and other leaders of Tianhua received the inspection group from Sanda.

At the meeting, Cao Yunlin introduced the education philosophy of Tianhua College featuring various school activities. These after-class activities allow students to fully explore their potentials, such as developing their critical thinking abilities through English Debate, promoting their cultural qualities and cultivate good reading habits through classic works reading programs, improving students’ English by watching English videos after class, enhance their sense of social responsibilities by encouraging them to take part in off-campus practices and surveys.

Xu Yue pointed out that the college’s original aspiration is to create a platform through such colorful on-campus and off-campus activities, and thus satisfy students’ demands.

Prof. Wang Fuming spoke highly of the characteristic and effective education philosophy of Tianhua College, which was of great implications for Sanda education system. At the same time she expressed her sincere wish for their further communication and constant contact in the years to come.

After the meeting, they visited some campus facilities like dormitories and the cultural corridor.

Photos by Shi Qiang

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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