Professor Natasa Persuh from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Visiting Sanda Jinhai Campus

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AuthorXinyan You, School of Fashion

Translator: Lianping He

    Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sanda University met with Professor Natasa Persuh from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, at Faculty Activity Center on June 5th, 2018. The two sides exchanged views and discussed in the past two months’ progress of the international cooperative courses at the School of Fashion. Ms. Li Li, Presiding Deputy Director of International Exchange & Cooperation Office, Ms. Miao Yi, Assistant to Director, Mr. Hong Cheng, Deputy Dean of School of Fashion, and Ms. Xinyan You, a faculty member, also attended the meeting.

The international cooperative courses between Sanda School of Fashion and Professor Natasa include Garment Design II (Women's dress design) and three workshops on different topics, the outcome of which is fruitful and extremely popular with the students.

Vice President Jia welcomed Professor Natasa Persuh and gave her a detailed briefing on the university. Professor Natasa Persuh also, in turn, presented a report on her experience in teaching at the School of Fashion for the past two months, honestly discussed her feelings and suggestions with the faculty members present and, at the same time, shared her own teaching experience at the University of Ljubljana. Vice President Jia expressed her appreciation to Professor Natasa Persuh for her professional dedication and sharing of her experience, and sincerely hoped that the Sanda School of Fashion could engage further and deeper in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana. Both sides also exchanged their ideas on the upcoming co-sponsored summer camp. Professor Natasa Persuh said that she was madly in love with the City of Shanghai, a metropolitan of fashion, deeply impressed by the extensive and profound Chinese culture during her stay in China, and very much looking forward to the faculty and students from Sanda School of Fashion to visit the University of Ljubljana again.

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