The Second Dubbing Contest Organized by the School of Foreign Languages: Eyes On Me Final Kicks off

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From Sanda News Agency, By Pan Shijie, Copyedited by Cai Jingling

On May 9, the second dubbing contest Eyes On Me Final was organized by the School of Foreign Languages in the Xie Xide Hall. Wei Yunwei, the Deputy Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, and Zeng Mei, a teacher from the College English Teaching Section,served as judges forthis final. Song Xiaoxia from the Journalism of the School of Media faced off the other entrants and earned the Special Award. Her entry Matchmaker Fairy Fox was impressive for its unique way Song Xiaoxia dubbed multiple roles, 

This dubbing contest captured considerable wide attention of the students from all schools and got them involved. There were 8 teams achieved the hard-earned qualification for the final after the fierce preliminaries. Their outstanding dubbing performances in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish were so impressive that they got common acknowledgement from all the judges. And all the prizes went to those excellent dubbers based on their tone, voice, emotion display and team work.

Some interspersed performance, games and luck of the draw made the contest more lively and enjoyable. This contest provides the entrants a platform to demonstrate their talents, especially to pass on some characteristic dialects which seems to be gradually forgotten by the young generation. 

The activity sponsor wished to work up students passion for language learning as well as encourage them to display their extraordinary talents through this inspiring and competitive contest.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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