Students from School of Foreign Languages Volunteer for F1 HeineKen Chinese Grand Prix

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From School of Foreign Languages, By Cao Xinxin, Copyedited by Cai Jingling

Recently, 2018 F1 HeineKen Chinese Grand Prix has concluded at the Shanghai International Circuit. Fourteen students from our School of Foreign Languages volunteered their 15 days for the race, shouldering their key responsibilities of interpreting for foreign mass media groups and escorting them, in addition to assisting the foreign sides to communicate with their Chinese counterparts during the arrangement of the race field.

Among the 14 volunteers, 7 came from the Department of English, 2 from the Department of Media English and 5 from the Department of Spanish. All the Chinese fans felt an overwhelming excitement for this one-year-long-waiting week. But it was not only exciting but also challenging for the students from our School of Foreign Languages.

As volunteers they got up very early every day and assembled in the race field for a new day’s job. Not informed in advanceof their new concrete job, our volunteers had no option but to wing-it under the pressure of their initial overwhelming tense and tension, but gradually with their infinite pains and never-give-up attitude their growing confidence and intrinsic passion for this challenging job took over. This physically-mentally demanding and challenging voluntary work is a pleasant, unforgettable and rewarding experience throughout their lifetime. This is where they fulfilled their potentials motivated by their sense of mission and learned a lot from their rewarding contribution.

Voluntary workers Liu Chenying, Zhang Zihan and Chen Duojia all expressed sincerely that this desirable opportunity made a significant difference to their self-promotion, internationalizing their vision, developing their team spirit, fulfilling their potentials, raising their awareness of the role of mutual supports and cooperation, forging friendship and adding another beautiful memory to their life.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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