Sanda Faculty and Staff Visited Polar Research Vessel Xuelong

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From the University CPC Committee, By Chen Xiangdi, Copyedited by Pan Pan

On April 26, about 50 faculty and staff from Sanda visited Chinese Polar research vessel Xuelong (meaning “Snow Dragon”).


Xuelong, the 3rd generation polar research icebreaker, is currently the largest and the only polar icebreaker in China. In October 1994 it carried out its first scientific research in polar regionsand transported supplies to China’s research stations there. Since then Xuelong has accomplished 34 polar research expeditions, including scientific researches and power supplies in Arctic for 8 times. It has ever gone into operation across five global navigating oceans and once volunteered its search-and-rescue efforts for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, setting many records in China’s maritime history. The faculty and staff visited some key areas, such as scientific research area, commanding area, living area, recreational area and the platform for the helicopter operation, in addition to the stories about polar scientific expedition.


During the visit, all the faculty and staff gained a good knowledge about the hard-earned outcomes in China’s polar research expeditions, and at the same time they were deeply touched by the great contributions made by those hardworking scientific researchers.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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