School of Fashion Runs An International Cooperation Course “ Women Clothing and Apparel Design”

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From School of Fashion, By You Xinyan, Copyedited by Shi Qiang

School of Fashion ran the first session of its international cooperation course “ Women Clothing and Apparel Design” in the afternoon on April 4.The school invited Natasa Persuch, a professor with rich teaching experience from Univerza v Liubljani, to delivered a course themed “Creative Women Clothing and Apparel Design” offering the students a good idea of fashion and the philosophy of those who pioneered fashion design.


This three-month international cooperation course consists of 96 periods, and 58 students of Class 2016 majoring in Clothing and Apparel Design stand the chance to enjoy the course delivered by international instructors. The course is divided into two parts: Individual Project and Team Project. The Individual Project themed “details” requires students to redefine their selected sleeve or one part of clothes by making changes to the proportion, position and function of the selected items. Then students move on to the next stage - conducting research on their product design and sketching the clothes in a creative way. The basic aims of the Team Project are to expand students’ vision, change their conventional perceptions of design, encourage them to accomplish a series of design through their team work, drive them to find their inspiration for a series of product design and develop their comprehensive abilities to conduct a research.


During the class, students demonstrated their design and research outcomes, and Professor Natasa offered her constructive guideline on the project program of each student as well as showing the designed products of the students from Univerza v Liubljani. Furthermore, Pro. Natasa made a one-to-one instruction to the students during the practice teaching part to teach them how to develop a design strategy.

As is told, Professor Natasa Persuh, graduated from the prestigious ESMOD, is a famous costume designer in Slovenia and enjoyed working experiences in Kenzo and Libertin Louison in France. After 2008 she took up a position as an associate professor in Univerza v Liubljani. In 2014 she created her own brand Natasa Persuch and her products are often displayed in exhibitions and fashion shows across the nation and the world.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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