This spring semester saw its first SR Club activity

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From Sanda News Service, By Tian Shiyue, Copyedited by Zhu Lin

Recently, SR Club organized its first activity in International Culture Experience and Communication Center in Sanda University. Teachers from School of Foreign Languages Zeng Mei and Pang Xiaosu with over 20 students from different majors participated in this activity, and the foreign teacher Toni Blake and Esther, a new member of the club,took charge of it.

This activity kicked off amid the unique music background designed by the club. On the Table Topic stage, students had a 5-minute discussion and spoke their mind around the topic “If you had a chance to spend a day with on celebrity, who would you choose and why?”A wonderful speech about Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered by the club member Gary was acknowledged by all as the Best Table Topic Speaker. And another four members presented their fully prepared thought-provoking speechessurrounding topics like“Tourists and Photographer’s Dream”, “How to Control Your Mood”and “Changes and Innovations Produced by Working out”on the prepared speech stage.


“Table Topic is extremely challenging which only allows speakers a limited amount of time to prepare for their speech, but all the speakers this time have done a good job”, said Zeng Mei. “Prepared speech takes hard practice necessary to develop a learner to an excellent speaker. And life experiences make possible contribution to an inspiring and influential speech”, Ms Zeng added.


Pang Xiaosu who is in charge of the club said proudly“In this new semester, students are putting more efforts to their study and have learned more professional skills. We have worked out a systematic training plan for our speech team.” Finally she stressed “This is the best place to lose face!We are here, not to laugh, but to help you to improve!”

As is told the original aspiration for the SR Club is to provide a platform for students with strong love of English speech to demonstrate their abilities and communicate their ideas, to fully explore their potentials for English speech,cross-culture communication and critical thinking, thus build up their confidence and promote their talent development.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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