Two Students from Sanda University win the 2nd Prize at the 21st FLTRP Cup East China Regional Grand Final

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From School of Foreign Language, By Zhu Lin, Copyedited by Panpan

Recently, the East China Regional Grand Final of the 21st ‘FLTRP Cup’ English Debating Competition concluded. Two students from Sanda University, Zhou Yuting from School of Media and Wang Shuyuan from School of Computer and Technology, came in second place in the Regional Tournament. Led by their teachers Zeng Mei and Pang Xiaosu from College English Teaching Section they faced off against other entrants and earned the qualification for the National Final.

This competition is organized by the Youth League, All Students Union and Beijing Foreign Studies University, and jointly hosted by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. The Competition is conducted in the British Parliamentary Debating Style. Each round of the debate is consisted of the Government and Opposition: Opening Government and Closing Government, Opening Opposition and Closing Opposition. Only two contestants from each university stood the good chance to take part in this contest in which the debaters were required to present their in-depth arguments about global top concerns from various angles based on their critical and logical thinking. After five debate rounds, twenty seven debate teams stood out from 107 universities from Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang, and achieved the qualification for the National Final. There is nothing better proof than that to language skills and critical thinking skills of our students, which helped them win 1st Prize for three times and placed them among their counterparts for the National Final.

The instructor Zeng Mei said they set out to make full preparation for the debate contest as early as last semester by publicizing the contest and succeeded encouraging 104 students to get involved. Eight students were selected for the debate team after several rounds of campus contest. And tailors debate training once a week equipped the debaters with necessary debating skills and knowledge.


Both Zhou Yuting and Wang Shuyuan believed that it was a great honor for them to participate in such competition and they saw their participation and win in the regional final as the first step towards promoting their ability and confidence, and placing them as lucky participants in the upcoming more challenging and demanding competition. They would make every effort to explore and fulfill their potentials, and win the honor for Sanda as well as for its debate team.


Translated By Gu Yanwei

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