Sanda leaders attended Seminar 2018: Seeking further integrated development with One-District, One-Town and Three-University Strategy

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From Party Government Office, By Liu Xiuping, Copyedited by Panpan

Leaders from Sanda University, General Secretary Zhang Shaozhong and Vice President Zhang Zengtai, attended the Seminar 2018 held in Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. This seminar was seeking further integrated development employing One-District, One-Town and Three-University Strategy (one district: Pudong New District, one twon: Caolu Town, three universities: Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance and Sanda University). At the meeting a signing ceremony for further integrated development took place and a seminar focusing on the theme of the deepening and integrated university-district development was conducted. District Governor of Shanghai Pudong New Area Li Guohua, Vice Director of Pudong District Bureau of Education Zhuang Jiafang, Party Secretary of Shanghai Golden Bridge Corporation Ltd. Shen Neng, Party Secretary of Caolu Township Committee People’s Government Lu Shengdong, Deputy Secretary and town mayor Sun Huaming, President of NPC Tang Xinxzhen and Deputy Secretary Zhang Lihua all attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhu Shaozhong representing Sanda singed a letter of intention “ One Town and Three Universities Further Integrated Development” in Caolu Town. Zhang Zengtai presented some key achievements in Sanda in 2017- focus shift in key discipline development, deepening reform in course construction, equal achievement in teaching and education quality, improvement in the criteria for academic researches and outcomes assessment, diversification in college-enterprise cooperation and the initial operation of double first class platform. Furthermore, Vice President Zhang made a progress report on its fruitful cooperation with Pudong New Area and Caolu Town.

Li Guohua at the beginning of his speech endorsed the significant contribution made by the three universities to Pudong economic development. He pointed out that college-area cooperation is the urgent needs for the area development as well as for university itself. The on-going top ten civil engineering projects create a more feasible talent recruitment mechanism, and thus allow the three universities to develop by leaps and bound with the setup of some relevant projects. He showed that Pudong New Area will offer its constant service for the three universities to work for high-level universities. He was also hoping that universities can promote their education in line with the economic development in Pudong and even in China, and make new significant contribution to economic development.



Translated by Gu Yanwei

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