Sino-Foreign Teaching Seminar: On Philosophy of Teaching and Approach to Education

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Source: Guangbiao College (Jiashan), by Lu Ying, Copyedited by Cai Jingling

A sino-foreign teaching seminar kicked off recently at Guangbiao College in Jiashan. At the meeting teachers had a serious discussion about some major teaching problems and issues facing them, and communicated their own philosophy of teaching and their perceptions of culture differences. President Li Jin spoke highly of this teaching seminar and expected more activities like this in the future, hoping Wang Yue Building will+ have its role in teaching activities.


The key discussion topic was about how to create a happy English study atmosphere to address some top concerns-- getting students enthusiastically involved in class activities, reducing the non-stop cell phone use during class for the sake of shifting some students’ focus on study, improving the teaching approaches to English listening and English intensive reading, arousing students’ passion for language study, organizing and managing in-class instruction in an effective way, and bettering instructional design tailoring to individual needs.

Chinese and American teachers firmly believe that the top priority should be given to how to work up students’ sincere desire and motivation which is a key to language study. Students’ love of language study will make regular listening and speaking possible. Thus, effective output will come from comprehensible input. Today, many authentic audios and videos for English listening and speaking are available, such as some excellent historical documents and figure interviews. Teachers can make full use of these learning materials to help students develop their interest and habit of regular listening and speaking practice, paving the way for English reading like novel, essay and poem. Teachers are ready to devote their time and effort to make full advantage of second class to trigger students’ strong interest in their lifelong language study.


At the meeting, foreign teachers shared their inspiring philosophy of instruction and their instruction design. A foreign teacher Jerry shared his life experience in Jiashan. He and his wife have lived in Jiashan for four years and they love to work here next semester. And their four-year life here has witnessed tremendous changes on the campus. Byran who is in charge of foreign teachers also expressed his genuine wish to participate more activities in the near future.

Translated by Gu yanwei

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