Sanda University and Rongxin Investment Group Co. Ltd Signed Cooperation Agreement

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From School of Management, By Ren Zhong, Copyedited by Shi Qiang

On March 21, FengWeiguo, the Vice President from Sanda University and Ding Leihui, Shanghai project Marketing Director from Business Division 2 of Rongxin China, singed a cooperation agreement for a seamless process of school-enterprise cooperation. From this agreement comes the future joint plan of talents cultivation taking advantage of their respective competitive edges through school-enterprise cooperation. Ma Delin Deputy dean of the School of Management, Zhu Yuanchun, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Chen Nansheng, Deputy Director General of the Office of Cooperation with Enterpreises and Chu Xiaoxuan Dean of the Office of General Manager of Busines Division 2 of Rongxin China all attended the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, President Feng showed his sincere appreciation of the well designed products to which great efforts and energy was devoted by Rongxin Group. Ding Leihui highlighted that a talent team is in bad need with the rapid development of Rongxin Group. At the same time he pointed out that Rongxin as a high-quality platform is ready to offer more desirable opportunities to those aggressive, ambitious and studious youngsters and help them fulfill their goals.


On the long-term cooperation with Rongxin Group and the good knowledge of its enterprise culture as well as its demands the development through college and enterprise cooperation will be definitely built. This new agreement is a turning point for Business Division 2 to produce their own talents and also the new critical phase for school-enterprise cooperation.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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