Job Fair: Targeted at Class 2018 Graduates of School of Information Science and Technology

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Source: School of Information Science and Technology

By Jiangyin Zhenglin

Chief Editor: Shi Qiang

A job fair exclusively for Class 2018 graduates of School of Information ScienceTechnology was held on the campus of Sanda University in the afternoon March 16. Based on the assessment of the graduates, the job fair promoted around 100 positions in 14 IT companies including Gao Zhite Information Consulting Cooperation Ltd., ChinaSoftware International and Shanghai Zi Yue Network Technology Co., Ltd..

These available job vacancies made the fair effective and attracted the graduates with their variety of positions. The 14 companies grabbed the opportunity to acquaint the grads with their company profiles and enterprise culture along with the position requirements. The companies made every effort to recruit their desirable talents and the job seekers submitted their CVs to their ideal companies with their career ambitions before they go forth into the world.

The companies at the fair extended their sincere thanks to Sanda University for its full preparation and orderly organization. Both the enterprises and the university have the expectation that in the future more effective and productive job fairs like this should be held to creat a platform for the communication between enterprises and graduates.

Translated by Gu Yanwei

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