The Third Exhibition of China-US Students’ Art Works

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                    Source: Huang Zhenbin, School of Art and Design   

                                 Editor: Panpan    

By collaborating with one another, Sanda University, California State University Northridge and Sichuan Polus International College held the opening ceremony of the Third Exhibition of Students’ Art Works at Jinhong Art Center of Polus International College on March 16. People from all walks of life - leaders from the three schools (leaders form Sanda Vice President Jia Qiaoping, Dean and Deputy Dean of the Art and Design School Xi Yueliang) , educators from home and abroad, business elites and political leaders - all attended the opening ceremony and made a cross-industry communication concerning culture, art and education at the exhibition.  

The exhibition offered a close look at over 170 excellent pieces of art works created by the students from these three schools. The art works on exhibition ranged from visual communication, environment design, product design, clothing and apparel design to comprehensive art. All of the works were collected in the book Art Works by Students from China and America and recently had been published by Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House.

During the exhibition, arts forum was launched which gave professors from China and America an insight into the complex problem “the globalization and localization of arts education” in combination with the status quo, the prospect of the education development, curriculum design, students quality education and sustainable development.

Ever since 2014 two successful sessions of students’ art works exhibitions had been reported hold respectively in Shanghai and Los Angeles. And since last September the preparatory workfor the upcoming third exhibition had been kicked off. The third art exhibition endowed with diversified ethnic flavor was made possible by the three universities’ increasing efforts and coordination, thus further improved the cross-culture exchange and cooperation in art design and achieved shared development in the field of art design education around the world.

The leaders from the three universities reached an agreement on the strategy for the future exhibitions, with the hope of attracting more worldwide universities to exhibit their students’ art work and the theme focusing on voluntary activities and public service.


        Translated by Gu Yanwei

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