English Salon Activity:DIY Eco-Bottles

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Source: Sanda News Service

Reporter:Yang Zilin, Chief Editor: Cai Jingling

This Spring Semester, the first English Salon activity DIY Eco bottles kicked off at the International Cultural Center at noon on March 21. The instructor from the School of Foreign Language Wu Huaying, foreign teachers Wayne and Frank, and over ten students took part in this activity.

English salon is hold on a monthly basis aiming to provide a platform for students to get a good idea about different cultures. This monthly salon features English study activities themed different cultures and Chinese-Western holidays.

This semester’s first salon activity began with the instructor’s brief introduction of the way an Eco bottle is created and the necessary materials for it. Then, Frank delivered a brief report concerning the natural ecosystem to equip the students with some basic information for the sake of DIY Eco bottle.

After that, the students set about their discussion about how to create their own Eco bottles in a creative way. With all the provided material on the tables, they first cleaned the sand and pebbles with water, and then put plants, fishes and shrimps into the bottles in their clever way. Amid such comfortable and pleasant atmosphere the friendly cross-cultural communication among Sanda students and overseas students allowed them to raise their environment consciousness as well as better their English.


During the activity Frank and Wu Huaying happily shared their ideas about environment protection with the students. Frank said environment protection was a big global public concern and college students should be well-informed about those creatures which played a vital role in our human life. Wu Huaying believed this Eco-themed activity significantly inspired students in environment protection, and at the same time offered students an easy access to international communication, thus encouraged them to prepare for their future cross-cultural communication contest and also achieved Sanda education goal “foster cross-cultural talents”.


Translator Gu Yanwei

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