Three Institutions Jointly Hold the Third China-USA Student Design Exhibition

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SourceCollege of Art and Design;Author: Zhenbin Huang;Chief Editor: Pan Pan

Translator:   Lianping He

Sanda University, California State University, Northridge, and Sichuan Polus International College jointly held the   Third China-USA Student Design Exhibition at Jinhong Arts Center of Sichuan   Polus International College on March 16th, 2018, for the purpose   of attracting student talents under the name of education institution. The   leaders from Sichuan Chengdu Dragon Spring District Committee and the three sponsoring   institutions as well as educators from both China and overseas, Industry elites, government   officials and enterprise representatives all participated in the opening   ceremony and the exhibition, conducting cross-border dialogue and exchange in   culture, art and education.Dr.   Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sanda University, Prof. Yaoliang Xi, Dean and Prof. Ye Wang, Deputy Dean of School of Art and   Design also participated in this event.

The exhibition displays more than 170 works of the three China and   American institutions, covering multiple categories such as visual   communication, environmental design, product design, clothing design, integrated   art and others. All the works on display at the exhibition are included in   the China-USA Student Design Works Collection III, recently published by the   Shanghai People's Art Publishing House. The Art Education Forum was also held   during the exhibition, where the faculty members from the three sponsoring   institutions, based on the actual situation of each institution and its   particular geological location, gave simple and clear explanation and analysis   as well as the future perspective of the design education trend on the issues   concerning internationalization and localization of art education, the   direction and prospect of professional development, curriculum system design,   student education for all-round   development and sustainable   development.

It is reported that the China-USA Student Design Exhibition has   been held successfully twice, one in Shanghai, China and the other in Los Angeles,   USA, since the initiation of the project in 2014. The Exhibition not only strengthens   the international exchange and cooperation in the field of designing science   but also promotes the common progress and development of design art education   on a global scale.

The Third China-USA   Student Design Exhibition has joined the students' works of Sichuan Polus International College, making the works   of the exhibition more diversified with ethnic characteristics.The exhibition prophase preparatory work was   launched in September last year. The three sponsoring institutions, after a   lot of coordination and communication, have selected and modified each   student works, have finally presented the most distinctive works in front of   the audience.

In additionthe   leaders of the three institutions decided to plan to attract more overseas   institutions of higher learning to participate in the exhibition and focus   the theme of the works on social welfare and services.Meanwhile, they expressed their sincere   hope to carry out regular and diversified work camp activities in order to strengthen cooperation and exchanges among institutions.

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