The Tenth Chinese Language Short-term Class for Students from Keisen University, JapanStarts Smoothly

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Author: Jie Shen, Office of International Cooperation

Translator: Lianping He

The opening ceremony of the tenth Chinese language short-term class for the students from Keisen University of Japan was held on March 12th, 2018 at Sanda Center For International Cultural Experience. This is also the tenth year of cooperation between Sanda University and Keisen University in terms of student exchange and overseas studies.

prof. Jianhua Fan, Acting Dean of School of International Education of Sanda University, and D. Mingsheng Fang, Chairman of Department of Primary Education, made welcoming speeches respectively to the seven students attending the program at the opening ceremony. They also encouraged the students to study Chinese language well in class, try as much as possible the Chinese cultural experience after class, enhance students’ own understanding of Chinese language learning and promote the cultural exchange between China and Japan. Mr. Yang, representative faculty from Keisen University, also delivered a speech expressing his thanks to Sanda University for the satisfactory arrangement and warm reception for the Japanese students and visitors during the period of cooperation and his wishes for the smooth progress of the program.





The tenth Chinese language short-term class this year also offers to the students courses such as Chinese Tea Culture, Tai Ji Boxing (Shadow Boxing) Chinese Acrobat and others, apart from Chinese language studies and site visits, in order to help the students to further understand the Chinese traditional culture and better lean the Chinese language.


Ms. Zhang, Deputy Director of Office of International Cooperation of Sanda, shared her experience of Chinese tea culture with the Japanese students in class on March 13th, 2018, giving a brief introduction to the historical development of the Chinese tea culture including Northern-Southern, Tang, Ming, Qing and other stages of Chinese history and Chinese poetry on teaconsidering the interest of Japanese students in ancient Chinese poetry. The students, during the final session of tea tasting, were invited to experience the process of preparing tea drink involving Huangshan Maofeng, Liu An Gua Pian, and Wulong and to taste them on site and to experience in person the differences among the techniques of making tea, combining the theoretical knowledge they learn only in the classroom.


Ms. Zhang expressed her sincere wish for the smooth progress of the tenth Chinese language short-term class as planned and the successful completion of the current Chinese class in the days to come, was well as that Sanda University and Keisen University will make joint efforts to promote academic advancement and cultural exchange of the students and faculty between the two institutions in a sustained and stable cooperative relationship.

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