Sanda University and Chaoyang University Sign a Strategic Agreement of Cooperation

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Author Guang Li, Research   Institute of Higher Education

Editor in Chief:Pan Pan

Translator: Lianping He

Sanda University and Chaoyang University decided   to enter an agreement of strategic cooperation between the two institutions   on March 6th, 2018. Prof. Jin Li, President of Sanda University and Dr. Taoming   Cheng, President of Chaoyang University, signed the agreement on behalf of   their respective institution.Mr.   Yueming Yang, Executive Deputy Director of Higher education Specialized   Committee, Shanghai Association for Non-government Education, Mr. Qingyun   HuangConsultant, Prof. Zengtai Zhang, Vice President and Dr. Qiaoping Jia,   Vice President, Sanda University also attended the signing ceremony.

Both the institutions, on the basis of   mutual understanding, have gained much recognition on each other’s own   concepts and methods of institutional development since the beginning of last   year and reached the intention of cooperation in faculty development, student   exchange, information sharing and etc.Both sides also expressed that this signing will promote and deepen the   follow-up of the cooperation and are committed to promoting the academic   development and talent cultivation of private institutions across the Straits   through accumulating the achievements and experience of both institutions.

Dr. Taoming Cheng, President of Chaoyang   University, and his delegation also visited Sanda Comprehensive Experimental   Training Center and expressed his appreciation for the cultivation of application-oriented   talents, the measures adopted for following up trends in technology   development, and the achievements obtained by Sand University.


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