Taiwan Cross-strait Peers Walk Hand-in-Hand --Students and a Professor from the Department of Health Promotion and Hygiene Education, Taiwan Normal University, Visits Sanda University

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Source: Jun Feng, Department Hygiene Education

Translator: Lianping He


Dr Ichin Hu, Professor and Dean of Department of Health Promotion and Hygiene Education, Taiwan Normal University, led a group of students to visit Sanda University from January 15th to 20th , 2018, conducting friendly interactions with the students and faculty members from Sanda School of Hygiene Education. The Taiwan delegation, accompanied by Professor Zhen Feng and some students and faculty from Hygiene Education Department, Sanda University visited Shanghai Jinshan Primary School, Yang Jing Ju Yuan School, Secondary and Primary Schools attached to Shanghai Normal University, and others. They also visited Shanghai Children's Medical Center and other medical facilities.

The students and faculty in the field of Health Education from both Shanghai and Taiwan, warmly welcomed and received by Mr. Zhou, Principal of Jinshan Primary School, visited the school campus prevailing with special features of health education. All the visitors spoke highly of the unique campus environment saturated with childish curiosity and health practice. And, at the same time, they also conducted with great interest a situational assimilation experience during their visit to the Public Safety Scenario Assimilation Experience Center of Jinshan Primary School, personally feeling the convenience and effectiveness of personal safety self-rescue equipment.The students and faculty from both institutions listened to the lecture entitled “Jinshan Primary School will Glow New Vigor and Vitality with Health Leading the Development” delivered by Principal Zhou afterwards. Dr Ichin Hu, Professor from Taiwan Normal University spoke highly of Jinshan Primary School's health education and health promotion activities. The visitors and the leadership of the school had a warm and friendly on-site interaction, bringing the event to its climax.

Shanghai Municipal Yangjing Juyuan Experimental School, with a schooling of 9-year consistency, is one of the education practice bases for the School of Health Education of Sanda University. It is also a WHO Health Promotion school receiving a few awards from Shanghai Pudong New District for having an excellent clinic on campus. The school principal illustrated in detail the school's general situation and educational philosophy to the faculty and students. Teacher Zhang responsible for the clinic of the school also gave a clear introduction to the school's health management through a PPT presentation. Mr. Zhang, a teacher responsible for the clinic of the school also illustrated in detail with a PPT to the visitors the work of health management of the school and Won a sound of praise. Dr. Li Hong, Director of Department of Nutrition of Children's Medical Center, after her visit to Shanghai Municipal Yangjing Juyuan Experimental School, made a proposal hoping to create an in-depth cooperate joint research program with the school in the field of children’s nutritional science.The field of Health Education of Sanda University, a combined body of medical education and teaching, would make effort in promoting in-depth joint research programs between the academic medical studies at the level of higher education institutions and primary and secondary school, play a bridging roll and effectively promote the development of the course of health education at primary and secondary schools in Shanghai.


The principal of Secondary School Attached to Shanghai Normal University introduced to the Shanghai and Taiwan visitors the health education of the school and shared the experience from this Shanghai exemplary experimental secondary school, offering a great enlightenment to the students across the Taiwan Strait. The students asked a lot of questions while the principal gave them satisfactory answers. In addition, the Sanda students and faculty in the field of Health Education and the Taiwan delegates also visited the Child Care Department, Respiratory Department of other departments of Shanghai Children's Medical Center, conducting in-depth discussions and idea exchanges with department directors and head nurses. The advanced medical facilities and the meticulous care given to the sick children from all over the country at Shanghai Children's Medical Center left a deep impression with the students across the Taiwan Strait.

Health Education Department, Sanda University has a fine long-term relationship with the Department of Health Promotion and Hygiene education of Taiwan Normal University. It not only introduced the high-caliber faculty of Health Education from Taiwan Normal University to set up a Famous Faculty Studio, but also invites experts every year to come to Sanda to teach the core courses of the field so as to expand students’ vision of international education and selects excellent students of health education major to go to Taiwan every summer to set up a health education team together with the students from Taiwan Normal University for promoting public health education for children in remote rural areas of Taiwan. It is the first time for students and faculty of Taiwan Normal University to visit Sanda University and It also opens a new chapter for the exchanges between the institutions in the field of Health Education, carrying great significance for strengthening the ties and in-depth exchanges in the field of Health Education between the two universities and promoting the development of the cause of health education on both sides across the Taiwan Strait. This form of exchange or visit between students and faculty from our two institutions will also become a regular activity, which will play an active role in the development of the field of health education at Sanda University.









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