The Annual Meeting of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association Shanghai Sanda University Branch for Year 2017 is Held

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  Author: Wei Ju, Office of International Cooperation

Translator: Lianping He

January 16th, 2018, brimming with thick festive atmosphere, welcomed the convening of the Annual Meeting of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association Shanghai Sanda University Branch for Year 2017  as scheduled.

The purpose of the meeting is to summarize the work of the branch association for Year 2017and make plans of activities for Year 2018, and, at the same time, strengthen the liaison or contacts among the members, enhance the cohesion and friendship, and lay a solid foundation for the work in the years to come.

Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Chairman of the branch association, delivered the New Year greetings, reported the highlights of the work in Year 2017, and presented the work plan for Year of 2018; Ms. Wei Ju, Vice Secretory General, informed all the participants of the existing number of the association members and a list of new members for Year 2017.

Mr. Fei WangBoard Memberannounced the name list of the participants for the photography contest under the theme of “Chasing Image”.Prof. Xiaowei Shi, Vice Chairman, honored the association members with recognition for their active participation in the activities in 2017. Dr. Shaozhong Zhu, Party Secretary of Sanda University and Prof. Jianfei Lu, Rotating Vice President of the parent association, both made speeches at the meeting respectively. Mr. Quan An and Ms. Jue Wang, board members, organized the participants to be engaged in a game of welcoming new members.Mr. Fei Wang, board member, presented the awards to photography contest winners.Prof. Xiaowei Shi, Vice Chairman and Mr. Yan Pan, board member of the branch association, presented awards to those members who actively participated in the activities of the branch association.

Ms. Hua Hua, Secretary General of the branch association, presided over the annual meeting in which Ms. Weijun Xu from the parent association and 42 members of the Sanda branch association participated.The activity is a complete success ending up with a working luncheon where all the participants enjoyed the opportunity associating with one another in friendship.

Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association Shanghai Sanda University Branch will continue the 100-year find tradition, based at Sanda and expanding its efforts overseas striving to become a data base for the institution and the country in terms of studying overseas, a think tank providing useful advice and suggestions, a vital force in people’s foreign diplomacy and a bridge or link between the Chinese Communist Party and the students studying overseas. It also hopes that all the members of the association will put our heads together, work together, conscientiously implement all the assigned projects, provide communication channels and opportunities, and make new contributions to the institutional construction and development.

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