The Farewell Party for 14th Cohort of Students under Sanda–Rider China-US Cooperate Program and Parents Meeting

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Source: Wei Ju, Office of International Cooperation

Translator: Lianping He

The 19 Year-2015 Sanda students majoring International Economy and Trade under the Sanda–Rider China-US Cooperate Program will travel to New Jersey, USA in January, 2018. This is the 14th cohort of Sanda students in that field to go to Rider University for further studies. The university held a farewell party for the 14th cohort of students as well as a parents’ meeting on January 3, 2018, in order to encourage students to succeed in their studies abroad and resolve questions and concerns raised by the students going to study overseas and their parents.

At the farewell party, Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sand University expressed her hope that the students could study hard at Rider University and accomplish their studies with flying colors. She also hoped that the students could help each other and adapt themselves quickly to the new living and cultural environments abroad. She stressed that students must pay attention to safety and keep close contact with their teachers and professors at Sanda. Ms.. Shuxian Chen, Deputy Dean of Business School also expressed to the students her blessings and hope. Ms. Haiying Meng, Course Leader of Rider University Program, gave the students a detailed description of the courses offered at Rider and answered the questions raised by the students.

Ms. Hua Hua, Director of Office of International Cooperation, presided over the parents’ meeting and briefed them on the basic conditions for students to study and live at Rider University and the issues requiring attention, as well as answered the questions and concerns raised at the meeting. Ms. Wei Ju, Rider Program Officer, made explanations on such matters as student tuition and fees, boarding on international flight, USA customs entry, and others.

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