Delegation led by Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sanda University visits Three European Countries

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AuthorXin zhong Chen

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Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President, Prof. Chengqiang Zhu, Dean of School of Tourism and Hospitality and Prof. Xinzhong Chen, Acting Dean of Jiashan Guangbiao College of Sanda University traveled from November 26th to December 4th of 2017 to three European countries to visit Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, Dutch International Butler Academy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The brand-new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plaza of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has a very unique internal layout, covering the entire 4 stories of the building with classrooms, faculty offices and meeting rooms featuring large glass windows revealing clear inside and outside views.Chairs in the classrooms and meeting rooms are all movable and sliceable, very suitable for various forms of teaching and learning activities especially small group discussions. There is a large square in the middle of the building, providing a public opening for students to conduct small group discussions and self-studies, or for faculty members to deliver courses in open and large-scale settings. The discussion between the two institutions was arranged on another campus. The both sides discussed the connotation of hospitality and hoped to promote feeling pleased and welcomed as a basic element in hospitality in all situational settings through humanistic considerations in facilities Management. Their education philosophy is combination of industry, education and research, multi - disciplinary integration and sustainable development . The university adopted a new minor course of Fit4Use, working closely with local governments, and helping communities by making proposal of environmental improvement plans through the enhancement of hospitality.

Dr. Fred Feuerstake, Dean of School of Business Administration ofRotterdam University of Applied Sciences presents a gift to Sanda Delegation

Vice President Jia briefed Dr. Fred Feuerstake on the academic fields and subjects of Sanda University and expressed her hope that the two sides would establish a student exchange  program. Sanda delegates were also invited to visit the School of Hotel Management located in a castle in Mastricht. The Dutch students from the School of Hotel Management accompanied and guided the Sanda delegates throughout the visit to this Castle Hotel. Vice President Jia also expressed her welcome to the Dutch students to come to the Practical Training Center of Sanda School of Tourism and Hospitality as interns.

Sanda delegates have a photo taken with Dr. Fred Feuerstake, Dean of School of Business Administration, and Dr. Ria Splingers, Director of International Programs of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Sanda delegation, accompanied by Mr. Robert and Mr. Gordon from Dutch International Butler Academy, visited the senior butler training base, a 3-story free-standing building which is also a place for the Dutch teachers to live and work in. The building with more than 300 rooms was built more than 100 years ago, originally used as a monastery and later changed to a Youth Hostel.Mr. Robert bought it more than 2 years ago and had it reconstructed, modified and renovated into a multi-functional facility containing an auditorium, classrooms, student activity rooms, a library, storage rooms, a western restaurant, a party function hall, guest rooms, and others.The representatives from Dutch International Butler Academy expressed during the meeting their satisfaction with their current cooperation with Sanda University. Both sides also put forward suggestions for improvement in terms of training time, trainees, training content and environment through joint discussions, in order to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Visiting Dutch International Butler Academy

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia was established in 1919, owing nearly 100-year history and with a student enrollment of more than 40,000.Some Sanda faculty members visited this institution in the first half of this year and participated in the activities organized by its Confucius School.The purpose of Sanda delegations visit this time is to visit College of Economics and conduct discussions with Dutch college professors.The Masters Degree courses offered by the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of University of Ljubljana enjoy tremendous reputation throughout Europe, for which many students apply while only 10% of the number could be accepted.The college has adopted a unique way of educating students by arranging them on a round-trip tour of studying and doing internship at different academic teaching bases and different enterprises locating in different European cities.Their faculty is also hired from different places in Europe.The college representatives expressed their hope to work with Sanda University in cooperation to set up a new overseas academic teaching base in Shanghai for University of Ljubljana, after listening to the introduction to Sanda University by Dean Chengqiang Zhu. Dr. Kir kuscer, professor and Ph.D. student supervisor, expressed his welcome to Sanda teachers to come to his college to seek for a higher degree.

Sanda delegation visits, accompanied by both Chinese and Slovenian Deans of Confucius Institute the university administrative Building and has photo taken at the balcony where Slovenia declared independence

    Sanda delegates listened to the introduction to the education mode of Dual System by the Tourism Department, School of Business Administration, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, indicating that the students could have very close cooperative contact with industries and enterprises and leaving sufficient time in teaching planning for students to participate in practical internship with enterprises. Sanda delegation, based on mutual communication and exchange of ideas, reached a common understanding with the German institution on a cooperative student exchange program between Sanda students from School of Tourism and Hotel Management and the full-time students from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The vice president of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences met with the Sanda delegates. Vice President Qiaoping Jia also met and had discussions with 3 German exchange students who would soon travel to Shanghai and 4 Sanda students presently were studying at this university.

Sanda delegates have a photo taken together with Dr. Kira Kastell, Vice President and Dr. Andrea Janssen, Director of International Affairs of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Sanda delegates have a photo taken together with the German exchange students who will soon travel to Shanghai and the Sanda students presently are studying at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


The members of Sanda delegation have been respectively assigned with the responsibility to follow up, implement and send feedbacks to the other institution on the projects discussed during the visit.


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