International Students Participated in the Cultural Experience Day Activity at Jiashan Guangbiao College of Sanda University

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Source: Sanda News;Author:

Yi Li;Responsible Editor: Qingfen Zhou

Translator:   Lianping He

The Office   Of International Exchange & Cooperation of Sanda University organized its   international students to participate in the Cultural Experience Day activity   at Jiashan Guangbiao College on December 8th, 2017 at the Experimental Education   Center of Department of Hotel Management.


The students first visited Tea Art   Room, and then Wine Culture Room, Activity Center and other educational   experience facilities, and Contemporary Wine Experience Room. The students   felt that the architectural design styles ofChinese Tea Art Room, and Contemporary Wine Experience Room were very   different and unique so that they kept raising their phones to take pictures   of the exquisite features of the rooms or even asked for the permission to   stay there for the entire afternoon.

Following the visit of the   international students to these rooms, the beautiful folk music performance was   quietly prepared and ready to start. The melodious tune of Er Hu, a Chinese   traditional musical instrument or referred as Chinese two-sting fiddle,   played by student Jie Cao, was first heard and followed by the tune of Gu   Zheng played by student Yutong Chen, and then tune of Pipa played by student   Shushen Shen. Yu Zhang, Jie Cao, Yudan Chen, and Shushen Shen then started   the Instrumental ensemble entitled “A Laughter at Sea”, sending out different   notes for different tunes from different musical instruments, converging to   form the perfect fascinating music movement.

After the appreciation of the   Chinese musical instrument performance, the international students, under the   guidance of their follow Chinese students, started to experience PiPa   playing, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Paper Cutting and others. They   played the Pipa for the melody of “Little Stars”, and made beautiful paper   cutting for windows. They also tried to write out their own names in Chinese   with Chinese ink brush. An international student had a special liking for Chinese   Ink Brush the national treasure and drew with it a painting of a   lovely panda.

In the Tea Art Room, two   participating Chinese students in Chinese traditional costumes started to   serve the international students. Their graceful ceremonial movements and gestures   attracted a lot of attention of international students who quietly imitated   these two students with great interest.Outside the room, some international students played a Chinese   traditional game of Iron Ring Rolling.Everyone was deeply indulged in the activity and the entire campus was   brimming with their laughers.

The teachers from Office of   International Exchange & Cooperation indicated that Chinese traditional   cultural experience activity had always been welcomed by international   students, and this year is even more so.They believe that the experience of musical instrument, folk art and   game could be more ornamental and practical.The Sanda students from Jiashan Guangbiao   College also made a lot of new international friends through this cultural   activity.

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