Dr. Brodzinski from Rider University Shared Teaching Experience with Teachers in Sanda

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Dr. Brodzinski from Rider University Shared Teaching Experience with Teachers in Sanda



Source: Center for Teachers’ Development

Reporter: Meng Haiying

Editor: Pan Pan

On 6 December, a seminar on “Teaching Method and University Management Experience Sharing”was held in Sanda. Prof. Brodzinski from Rider University was invited by the Center for Teachers’ Development to share the application of mixed mode of instruction in classrooms and in teaching management.


Dr.Brodzinski has been in the teaching profession for over 20 years and has 40 years’ university and research institute management experience. He was invited to teach the course of Organizational Behavioral Science for students from Shengxiang School of Business. In this seminar, Dr. Brodzinski introduced the use of internet in interacting with students in America, which enhanced the teaching effects. Every year 4 or 5 seminars were held in Rider University to teach teachers how to use internet software in Flipped Classroom and online teaching.

Moreover, Dr. Brodzinski discussed the use of teaching materials in English-instructed courses and students’ acceptance in English-mediated instruction. He also briefly introduced the teaching assessment in America, by saying that apart from overall assessment of universities, assessment of specific majors could also be performed, usually by third-party organizations. Universities could take the chance of assessment to improve their management level.

Translated by Men Haiyan


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