Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association Sanda University Branch Sponsors a Series ofActivities at its Jiashan Campus

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Author:Ju Wei, Deputy Secretary General of Sanda Branch

Translated by Lianping He

It is clearly pointed out in the report of the Nineteenth National Conference of the Chinese Communist Party that the China socialistic society with special Chinese characteristics has already entered a new era in which its main contradiction has transformed into the one between the ever increasing demands of the people for good life and the unbalanced and inadequate social development.Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association Sanda University Branch, inlight of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Conference of the Chinese Communist Party and the century-long fine tradition of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association and in order to enrich the life of Sanda University overseas returned scholars, create better campus culture, strengthen the communication and contacts among the returned students and scholars, promote the bridging function of the Branch Association and take advantage of the campus environment of Sanda University Jiashan Campus, sponsored a series of activities at the Tourism and Hotel Management Practice Center of Sanda University Jiashan Campus on November 1st, 2017.

The activity started with Ms. JiantingRen, a trainer, conducting a site assimilation for the fellow students on anxiety and awareness of work and emotion, through on-site real heart experience withOH card and assisted with effective guiding tools and methods to help the fellow students to trace the source and seek for the solution to the problems, based on the better awareness of the inner anxieties of individuals.The activity also helped the fellow students through psychological and tool empowerment to ease their emotions, defuse their anxiety, enhance their work efficiency and help the Branch Association to establish healthier psychological field and working environment.

All participating fellow students invited as special guests in teaching-learning practice personally experienced the afternoon tea serviced by Year 2015 students of Hotel Management majoring Senior Butler under the Sanda University Second Phase of “China-Holland Cooperative Course of International Butler.Mr. Gordon Roman, senior trainer of Holland International Butler Academy, accompanied the students in training and gave evaluation on their professional services.

Finally, Mr. Gordon Roman gave the students a lecture on vocal skills and body language. His humor and edutainment were welcomed and appreciated by all the participating fellow students.


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