Professor Paul Bates from University of Southern Queensland of Australia visits Sanda University

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Provided by Wei Ju

Office of International Cooperation

Translated by Lianping He

Professor Paul Bates from University of Southern Queensland, Australia, visited Sanda University on October 18th,2017 and met with the Sanda leaders. Prof. Zengtai Zhang, Vice President of Sanda University, Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President, Prof.Jianguo Wu, Dean of School of Continuing Education, and Ms. Hua Hua, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Ms. Wei Ju attended the meeting and discussion.

Both sides conducted thorough discussions focusing on the preparation for the establishment of School of Aviation in Sanda, its lines of study and curriculum development, and further clarified the direction of cooperation between the two institutions in the future. Professor Paul Bates expressed his great appreciation for the achievements for Sanda’s international education and globalization and showed great interest in working with Sanda University for a cooperative relationship.

Professor Paul Bates visited the practical training base of Sanda Hudong Polytechnic School, accompanied by Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President and Professor Xingguo Xue, Dean of Hudong Polytechnic School in the afternoon. Both sides initially discussed on the teaching plan and explored the possibility of students of Hudong Polytechnic School to be upgraded from a 3-year higher education certificate to an undergraduate degree in the field of Aviation Administration.


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