Second Phase of “Holland-China Cooperative International Butler Course” Convened

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AuthorWenyan He; Responsible EditorQiang Shi;

SourceSchool of Tourism & Hotel Management

Translated by He Lianping


    The opening ceremony of ShandaSecond Phase of “Holland-China Cooperative International Butler Course” was officially convened at the Experimental Education Center for Hotel Management of Jiashan Campus of Sanda University on the morning of October 10th, 2017. The student representatives took over the “Butler Handbook” on behalf of 2015-year students in the field of Hotel Management from the hands of student representatives on behalf of 2014-year students. Mr. Gordon Munro, a senior trainer from Holland International Butler Academy made a welcoming speech and led the students in taking the oath at the ceremony. Prof. Weiguo Feng and Dr. Qiaoping Jia also participated in the ceremony.

Learnt from the opening ceremony, the second phase of “Holland-China Cooperative International Butler Course” offers a six-week training in 360 class hours (from October 10th to November 17th) to 30 2015-year students in the field of Hotel Management majoring Senior Butler. The training is conducted in a totally enclosed environment at the Experimental Education Center for Hotel Management of Jiashan Campus, delivered only in English and in a full time manor, carrying out all-round teaching and learning practice inside and outside classes.

Dr. Linying Jiao, Head of the Department of Hotel Management said that the content of the second phase training is enriched by the addition of Event Management, Food History and others including the invitation of a world-known professional sommelier to deliver knowledge of wines and more teaching aids of international standards, both for students’ learning and teachers’ teaching, are purchased. As for the process management, the teaching-training activity adopts “Relay Mode” as two cohorts of students hand over the course information. The management system of the college is also more perfected with the establishment of “Student Regulations”, “Teaching Assistant Responsibility Standard” and others.

Mr. Gordon Munro expresses in his remarks at the ceremony his sincere hope and encouragement to the 30 students in the second phase course. He requires the students to firmly keep in mind that “Butler profession is not a job, but a life style”, requiring butlers to keep all the time their ebullience, patience and smile. He points out that the six-week course is “not learning but training”, emphasizing the importance of practice and training and encouraging all of the participating students to eventually become true personal butlers.

Dr. Weiguo Feng, Vice President of Sanda, gave the remark made at the closing ceremony of the first phase course to all the students present at the opening ceremony of the second phase that “You should become yourself being very professional, and not get into a profession that you are very proud of.”

He fully affirmed the academic achievements obtained by the students of the first phase course and, at the same time, said that the journey of study and practice are bound to be painstaking, but the efforts will certainly bring forth the improvement of their self-abilities and the realization of their self-value and dream, and learn much more knowledge and skills through practical training that cannot be obtained from classroom teaching and learning.He expressed his sincere hope that the students could cherish and utilize every day to obtain the maximum of gain and realize their self-value.

Ms. Xiuli Tang, Assistant to the Department Head of Tourism and Hotel Management and Miss Jie Ni, student representative, make a speech separately. University leaders, authorities from Academic Office and Office of International Cooperation, college faculty representatives and others take a group photo to mark the occasion with the participating students.


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