2017 Fall Semester Opening Ceremony for New International Students

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 Written by Yi Miao, Translated by He Lianping

2017 Sanda fall semester welcomes 26 new international students to the campus, including sophomores, exchange and language students such as 4 degree students from Finland, Mongolia, Indonesia and Thailand, the first group of international students receiving Shanghai government scholarship. Among them, 2 entered into the field of International Economy and Trade and the other 2 into the field of Teaching Chinese to the Speakers of Other Languages, ready to start their long journey of 4-year undergraduate studies in Sanda. In addition, 9 exchange students from Sanda international partner universities includes 4 from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland who are originally from Germany, Australia, Mongolia and Finland, coming to Sanda as dual degree students to engage in one-year studies in the International Business Program. 5 students, originally from Turkey, Holland and the United States, are sent by University of Social Science and Humanities, Poland, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Holland and to engage in a 3-month Chinese Language Program in order to lay a solid foundation for Chinese language proficiency for their specific field of study. Some  Holland University of Applied Sciences to engage in the one-semester exchange program at Sanda to take the pertinent courses purely delivered in English to fulfill the academic credit requirement. 13 language students  majoring Chinese Traditional Medicine from and Nakhonratchasima College,Thailand to come to Sanda  students who came to Sanda earlier also participated in the opening ceremony honoring new students.


The Opening Ceremony Welcoming New International Students was held at 6306 Conference Room on September 21st, 2017. Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President , Ms. Hua Hua, Director of Office of International Cooperation, Ms. Lengfeng Zhang, Deputy Director, Mr. Jianhua Fan, Acting Deputy Dean of School of International Education, Ms. Minyun Chen, Secretary General of Shengxiang Business School and others attended the ceremony.


Students from different countries introduced themselves one by one at the ceremony. Miss Iida,from Finland, said that she had already taken prerequisite courses at Shanghai Normal University for a year and successfully passed the entrance examination and entered Sanda USA-China Cooperative Program this year. She shared her impression with the audience about Shanghai obtained when she came to the city for the first time and her one-year experience of living in Shanghai. Miss Aku from Mongolia said that she had been to many places in China but felt very differently about Shanghai when she came to visit the city for the first time. This is also why she decided to chose to study at Sanda.At the ceremony, all the international students expressed their expectation for their live and study at Sana. Dr. Qiaoping Jia, Vice President of Sanda addressed a welcoming remark to the new international students on behalf of Sanda University, giving a brief introduction to Shanghai City as well as the development history of Sanda University.She also said that Sanda University is a family and welcomes all new international students to join it. She expressed her expectation to see all the international students to healthily grow up in the Sanda community.

The Office  of International Cooperation organized a 3-day orientation activity from September 20th to 22nd to welcome new international students. The content of this orientation includes safety education, course selection guidance, campus and library visit, introduction to student organizations, welcoming party and others. In addition, the Office also sponsored the Mid Autumn Festival cultural activity on campus, inviting all international students to enjoy moon cake, the festive food for the occasion,as the introduction to the Chinese traditional festival for the newly arrived international students.




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