Russian Class of Sanda 2017 Summer Chinese Language School Successfully Completed

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Written by International Education School

Translated by Lianping He


The commencement for successful completion of a non-degree training course in Chinese language by the class of Russian students at Sanda 2017 Summer Chinese Language School was held at Sanda Center for International Cultural Experience on July 13.Nine students, from the National Far East Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia, successfully completed a 3-week Chinese language training.Mr. Jianhua Fan, Executive Deputy Dean of Sanda School of International Education and Mr. Hongjian Zhao, Head of Mandarin Morning School, issued the certificate of completion to the students.

Sanda 2017 Summer Chinese Language School was jointly organized and managed by Sanda School of International Education and Mandarin Morning School.The Russian students in their sophomore year at the Department of Chinese Language, National Far East Federal University with a certain basic level of Chinese language training received intensive teaching and tutoring in taking HSK Test (Chinese Language Proficiency Test), experienced the Shanghai local dialect and had a better understanding of Chinese culture and Shanghai dialect culture after they had arrived at Sanda university.

Ms. Ishutina Luliia(Сверху Лиззи), the chaperon for the Russian students and Head of Department of Chinese Language of National Far East Federal University, said passionately “ Shanda teachers offer meticulous care to the students in their life and studies like parents, assume great responsibilities in teaching and help students to gain a lot.”Sanda teacher in turn welcome the students to come to visit Shanghai and Sanda again.

Russian students, during their stay at Sanda, took advantage of their free time to see the Shanghai city proper, visit Qibao Ancient Town, braved the summer heat to visit Hangzhou city, and watched the Shanghai Circus as well.While on campus, they watched movies, played Ping Pang game and interacted with the Spanish students.As a result, they not only forged international friendship but also enriched the campus life.

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