Spanish Class of Sanda 2017 Summer Chinese Language School Successfully Completed

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Written by International Education School

Translated by Lianping He


The commencement for successful completion of a non-degree training course in Chinese language by the class of Spanish students at Sanda 2017 Summer Chinese Language School was held at Sanda Center for International Cultural Experience on July 31. Five students, from Bilbao Chinese Language Training School, Biscay Province, Spain, successfully completed a 4-week Chinese language training class and participated in the HSK Test ( Chinese Language Proficient Test ) last Saturday. Mr. Jianhua Fan, Executive Deputy Dean of Sanda, School of International Education and Mr. Hongjian Zhao, Head of Mandarin Morning School, issued the certificate of completion to the students.

Sanda 2017 Summer Chinese Language School was jointly organized and managed by Sanda School of International Education and Mandarin Morning School.The students from Spanish Bilbao Chinese Language Training School have different levels of experience in Chinese language learning and training.The female student Eugenia is 18, the oldest in the class with an experience of Chinese language learning for 9 years, is now in the middle of participating in the HSK5 Testing, while the male student Haritz,only 15 and the youngest one in the class, keeps learning Chinese language for one and a half hours every week in Spain and has now also entered the HSK3 Testing.

Classroom teachers make personalized teaching plan for the new students upon their arrival at the university according to their respective levels of Chinese language proficiency, and also prepare three sets of reinforcement exercise different for each individual student according to his/her mock exam outcome in the last week of the program to ensure their best state in attending the test.

After HSK Test, many participating students feel that they have done a wonderful job in the test and are confident in obtaining a satisfactory result.Every student in class spoke in turns at the commencement, expressing their gratitude to Sanda University for providing them with such a good opportunity of learning so much knowledge about the Chinese language, getting to know so many interesting people and making their interest in learning Chinese language and culture keener and keener.Some of them also expressed their will to study Chinese language harder when return home and hope to come back to Shanghai and Sanda again next year.The chaperon teacher for the Spanish students also expressed his/her appreciation for the fruitful outcome of the summer Chinese class and his/her promise to bring students again to Sanda for Chinese language learning and cultural experience.

Spanish students spoke highly of high quality and level of Chinese language teaching and, at the same time, gave some opinions and suggestions in terms of campus life services, content of student activities and campus cultural atmosphere.


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