Inholland University of Applied Sciences

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Inholland University of Applied Sciences has four campuses located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, and Haarlem, offering a broad range of international oriented higher professional education and providing more than 60 courses to undergraduate and graduate students. It has six campuses and a number of small teaching centers, with a total student enrollment of nearly 40,000 and teaching stuff of more 3,000.

The mission of the institution, through adopting a flexible and transparent way of running the institution, is to follow the trend of market, serve the community, provide high level professional education to students and help them to find a career suitable for them to develop their talent.

This flexible and pragmatic policy of running the institution has won broad support from all walks of life and made the university one of the most popular and attractive institutions of higher learning to the business circles in Holland.

The university mainly offers a large range of academic and professional courses in the fields of International Management, International Market, Finance and Accounting.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Inholland University of Applied Sciences is mainly of student exchange programs.

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