Salamanca University

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Salamanca University, established in 1218, is a public institution of higher learning with a long history.Under the university, there are 16 departments of Art, Biology, Agriculture and Environmental Science, Sciences, Chemistry, Social Science, Law, Economy and Entrepreneurship, Education, Pharmacology, Linguistics, Philosophy, History and Geography, Medicine, Psychology, Translation, and Archive Management, and 6 colleges of Avila College of Advanced Science and Technology, Bejar College of Advanced Industrial Engineering Technology, Avila College of Education and Tourism, College of Nursing and Physical Therapy, and Zamora Teachers College.

Salamanca University offers Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs such , as Philosophy, Physics, Geology, Geography, Art History, History and Music Science, Humanities, Pharmacology, Linguistics, Labor Risk Management, and Sociology.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Salamanca University is mainly focused on the student exchange programs for the Department of Spanish Language.

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