Douglas College

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Douglas College, one of the largest public institutions of higher learning in Canada, was established in 1970, generally providing four education services which are Two-year Associate Degree, Academic Degree Upgrade, Continuing Education, and Career Training Programs.

Two-year Associate Degree Program offers to the students lines of study of Art, Teacher Training, Creative Writing, Economics, Environmental Study, Gender, Sexualities and Women's Studies, Intercultural and International Studies, Environmental Science, and others.

Career Training Programs offers more than 30 areas of study such as Business Administration, Child and Youth Care, Community Rehabilitation, Nursing, Physical Education and Coaching, Psychiatric Nursing, Psychology, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Criminology, and others. It is worth mentioning that among these courses, Psychology, Performing and Fine Arts, and Criminology receive popular praise from general public.

The students studying at Douglas College could go to study at any of the three universities of University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria through credit transfer for a Bachelor degree.

The International Cooperation between Sanda and Douglas College is mainly of student and faculty exchange programs.’

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