De Montfort University

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De Montfort University ( DMU ), situated in the City of Leicester in the center of England and adjacent to Sol River and Leicester Castle Garden, has a more than 140 years of history of teaching, learning and scientific research and has developed to the present modern, well-known comprehensive institution of higher learning.

The university is composed of five colleges and three research institutes including College of Liberal Art, College of Business Administration and Law, College of Engineering, College of Life Health Science, and College of Humanities, as well as Institute of Creative Technology, Institute of Energy, and Institute of Sustainable Development.

Different from traditional universities, De Montfort University focuses its efforts and attention to the development of students' real-life technical ability and vocational skills, adopting many creative courses supported with job training to equip them with abilities to satisfy the needs for practical talents by current international society and prepare them to be ready and competent for their future jobs.

95% of DMU graduates will either find jobs or continue to further their studies within six months after their graduation.

The international cooperation between Sanda and DMU is of student and faculty exchange programs designed for the students and faculty in the School of Fashion.

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