University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign

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University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign, established in 1867 and situated in the peaceful twin-cities of Urbana-Champaign, is a world renowned research institution of higher learning.It is also one of founding members of Big Ten Conference, a member of Association of American Universities, and known as one of the three “American State University Giants” together with Michigan University and University of California at Berkley (also known as an Ivey League Public University).

It is also one of the American universities that enjoy most diversification and globalization, with a reputation of being the third in ranking among all universities and colleges and the first in ranking among all state higher education institutions in the United States in terms of international student enrollment.

Constantly striving to achieve high excellence in research, academic instruction, and public participation, the university enjoys excellent reputation for many fields of academic studies it offers to students, for example, its College of Engineering enjoys high ranking status in the USA as well as the entire world, within the top five among the USA colleges of engineering; within top ten for all its lines of studies of engineering; and within top five in the entire country in the fields of Electric Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Material Science, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Mechanic Engineering and other.Its School of Business Administration is of great strength, known for its Accounting and Finance enjoying world renowned reputation; actually its Accounting ranks No.2 in the whole nation.

The international cooperation between Sanda and University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign mainly focuses on faculty exchange program.

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