University of West Los Angeles

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University of West Los Angeles, a private and non-profit institution in the State of California, USA, was established in 1966, owning two campuses. The original purpose of the institution at the time of setup is to provide inexpensive or affordable law/ legal education to students, especially those adults already in service.This practice also fully illustrates the foresight and sagacity that the educators had at the beginning of the setting up the institution.

University of West Los Angeles is among the first institutions of law offering evening classes, providing more opportunities and convenience to the students in the communities to receive legal education.

Its School of Law is accredited by the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners in 1978, conferring JD degree, diploma and training certificates in legal studies in the fields of Jurisprudence, Constitution and Administrative Law, Economic Law, Criminal Law, International Economy Law, Labor Law, Social Security Law, Criminal Law Theory and others.

The cooperation between Sanda and University of West Los Angeles is mainly of student exchange programs.

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