Kookmin University

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Kookmin University was established in 1946 in Shanghai initiated and proposed by the Korea Interim Government after the Japanese surrender. The purpose of establishing such an institution, as proposed by the members of the Korean exiled government under Japanese rule, is to nurture the needed leaders for the Korean country to be rebuilt.

Kookmin University campus, situated at the foot Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea withbeautiful surroundings,is equipped with fine facilities and advanced equipment for teaching and learning. It has under it 15 single-field colleges including one independent college and fourteen graduate colleges, offering courses of Korean Language, English Literature, History, Education, Administration, Political Diplomacy, Sociology, Speech Information Science, Speech Science, Advertising, International Studies, Russian Studies, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Law, Public Law, Private Law, Economy, International Business, Management, E-Commerce, New Material Engineering, Materials Science, Auto Mechanic Engineering, Construction System Engineering, Water Resources and Environment, Electronic Information Communication, Electronic Information Communication Engineering, and others.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Kookmin University mainly focuses on student exchange programs.

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