Changshin University

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Changshin University, established in 1990, is a private institution of higher education in the Republic of Korea. It was upgraded from its 2 and 3-year college to a full 4-year university in 2012.

Based on the education concept of the Republic of Korea, the university delivers to the students and conducts research on the professional knowledge and skills needed by the national industrial development, and nurtures professional talents needed by the economic development of the state or the region.It offers the lines of study including Business Administration, Tax Accounting, Police Administration, Real Estate, Early Childhood Education, Children’s Welfare, Social Welfare, English Guidance for Children, Tourist Japanese, Hotel and Tourism Management, Chinese Language, Korean Studies, Food Nutrition, Hotel Catering and Pastry Making, Beauty Art, Aviation service, Mobile Communication, Helicopter preparation, Building, Construction, Fire Disaster Prevention, Music, Practical Art Design, Literature and Art Creation, Social Sport, Movies, and others.Its graduate school has already been set up by now.

The international cooperation between Sanda and Changshin University is mainly of exchange programs for the students in Department of Korean Language.

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