Sigmund Freud University

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Sigmund Freud University, a private institution of higher learning vested with power to deliver public education by Austrian National Education Commission in August, 2005, is a liberal arts university specialized in psychotherapy science.It is also the first higher education institution in the world offering a complete academic curriculum in the area of psychotherapy.The university has already set up a new set of standards for teaching and scientific research in psychotherapy through intensified practical operation and the strengthening of academic exchange activities with various psychotherapy schools.

Sigmund Freud University has fully realized the importance and necessity to provide psychotherapy education at the university level so as to set up Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree programs in the areas of psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic research activities and generalized conceptual Domain.

The university has, for the first time in the world, realized the combination of the three basic principles in psychotherapy of self-consciousness, practical training under supervision and theoretical studies. Taking Sigmund Freud University itself for example, the obligation of the institution in psychotherapy teaching and learning should not be limited to instruction delivery of theory and the practice of related skills and operation, but should also include broad space for personal development provided to students.In the area of psychotherapeutic studies, the university believes that the purpose of psychotherapeutic research is the collection of not only objective data but also the important information related to different individuals at different stages of life.It is realized that the combination of research activities and daily treatment of psychotherapeutic doctors, based on the tremendous achievement in the field of psychotherapeutic research witnessed by people for the past a few decades. People firmly believe that this mode of two-way learning will heighten the research quality which will, in turn, help as outcome psychotherapeutic doctors to carry out more effective treatment.

Among faculty stuff at the Sigmund Freud University are many famous professors and scholars from all over the world to come to the university to provide high quality activities of teaching and learning as well as individualized guidance for students, simply for the fact that the institution enjoys the high reputation for owning a complete professional curriculum in psychotherapeutic studies.The university, combining system research with teaching and learning, provides different psychotherapeutic methods to the students so that they could use them in conducting academic exchange and compare the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of different methods.The clinics and hospitals attached to Sigmund Freud University solely for the purpose of teaching and learning as well as other cooperative hospitals provide a channel for students to get in touch directly with patients.Part of the professional courses could be studied and learnt through Internet to ensure the flexible study time and highly effective learning methods.The degree curriculum is not only designed for full-time but also for part-time students; the content of the curriculum satisfies the legal requirements for psychotherapeutic doctors’ license.The students could obtain the status of psychotherapeutic physician provided that they could fulfill all the requirements for graduation and pass the hearing held by Austrian Advisory Committee of Psychotherapeutic Physicians (under the jurisdiction of Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women).

Sigmund Freud University pays great attention in teaching and learning to the combination of theoretical studies and practical training, self-consciousness training, and comprehensive research activities.The purpose of the curriculum is to promote exchanging experience and comparing notes among various schools of psychotherapy in order to find or create more effective psychotherapeutic method.At present, the university, with faculty stuff of the university, world renowned professors and professionals, teaching specific therapeutic methods from eight different schools, confers Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees in psychotherapy.

The content of the curriculum of the institution covers the basic principles of psychobiology, the latest discovery of brain research, psychiatry and psychology, classification mode, comparative psychotherapy research, scientific research, related law and regulations, diagnostic assessment and others.

Sanda University established the cooperative relationship with Sigmund Freud University in August, 2017.The School of Medical Technology of Sanda is now in the process of negotiation and discussion with Sigmund Freud University on introducing its curriculum and training programs.

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