President Li Jin visited Sigmund Freud University, Austria in Summer

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By Hua Hua – Office of International Cooperation

Translator- Lianping He

Prof. Jin Li, President of Sanda University, led a delegation to visit Siigmund Freud University (SFU), Austria, in the midst of intense heat of July. SFU is a private Austrian institution of higher learning as well as the first institution offering a complete range of academic studies in the field of Psychotherapy Science. It has become a fully-fledged well-known institution conferring Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees in academic studies and scientific research through strengthening knowledge and skills in practical experience and conducting exchanges in academic and research with various schools of psychotherapy.

Prof. Jin Li, President of Sanda, Prof. Yan Xu, Dean of School of International Medical Technology and others from Sanda conducted two-day meetings and discussions with Professor Alfred Pritz, President of SFU and also visited the three off-campus psychotherapy clinics in Vienna. Sanda delegation expressed its willingness to establish “Sanda-Freud Academy” at Sanda after obtaining a full understanding of Freud’s actual strength in psychotherapy. Sanda University at present does not have the line of study of psychotherapy in its curriculum.

The intention of establishing Sanda-Freud Academy is in hope to introduce Freud’s psychotherapy curriculum and methods to the fields of Nursing, Rehabilitation and Health Education at Sanda University and to provide a platform for Sanda students to better prepare themselves for their future career and also for School of International Medical Technology to offer various training programs to students such as psychological analysis and intervention of common problems in primary and secondary school students, university students as well as in hospital patients. In addition, Sanda-Freud Academy could provide to students with excellent opportunities of student exchange and overseas study programs, for instance, the students at School of International Medical Technology could seek PH.D. degree at SFU in Austria and/or take internship opportunities at any off-campus psychotherapy clinics of SFU in Vienna.

President Jin Li and President Alfred Pritz signed the Cooperative and Exchange Agreement between the two universities.

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